Monday, May 3, 2010


Today I multitask. First, I'm looking for feedback. I have a compulsion to teach in my critiques. Is it at all the critiquers responsibility/right to teach? Or, is it the critiquer's duty to simply point out how the piece felt?

I've been writing "CPU" on my critiques a lot lately…and explain: "concise—precise—uncluttered." I get the following from my studies:

  • Use words that come naturally to you
  • Direct and simple
  • Avoid stereotypes and cliches
  • Precise – reduce confusion, get the reader to the point quickly
  • Concise – illiminate unecessary description, comparison, exposition that doesn’t add value
  • Uncluttered
    • Manage the storyline
    • Use description that facilitates the scene and mood
    • Don't interrupt the flow of your prose with unnecessary detail
  • Pay attention to word choice
    • Synonyms – use the richness of the language
    • Figurative language – to create imagry
    • Metaphors – liven up exposition
    • Similes – to create imagry
    • Irony – leverage incongruity
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