Friday, May 7, 2010


Balancing the level of detail that fleshes out a story is the hardest thing to do, in my opinion. Overdo it and you create purple prose. Tamper a little: literary. Depending upon the genre and scene, you keep taking out unnecessary description and backstory until you have the right balance. From my critiquing experience, I realize you can't make everyone happy. You must create your own style.

Characterization tools
  • First a brief refresher on Characterization
    • Personality traits, tics, emotions, fears—especially flaws
    • Point of view
    • Senses—touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight (thoughts)
    • Struggle
    • (Avoid stereotypes)
  • Action
  • Internal voice
  • Reflection
  • Sensory cues
  • Body language
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