Thursday, May 6, 2010

Archaic Grammar Rules

In my continuing studies, here is an excerpt from my most favoritist grammar and style book, Woe Is I. I love Patricia O'Conner. I snub those folks who mention these nits in their otherwise wonderful critiques, and stand fast to my staccato run-ons. I'm a radical dude.
  • Splitting an infinitive ...he decided to discreetly mention dating in the workplace.
  • Ending a sentence with a preposition
  • Plural forms of: data (datum), agenda, erotica, insignia, opera
  • Verb does not have to come after subject
  • Sentences may begin with and or but
  • While technically more correct...but stuffy...the alternative is grammatically correct
    • It is I ...It is me
    • That’s he ...That’s him
    • It’s she ...It’s her
    • I too ...Me too
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  1. Oh, you got me here:) With a second, third, etc. language there's this "ceiling" that takes a 160 IQ to break through -so I'm happy I don't have to stick to all these archaic rules.

  2. And I want you to know just where I'm at. :)