Saturday, April 3, 2010

Powerful Nouns and Active Verbs

More fodder I review regularly to ensure it's on my mind while I write.

- Choose nouns and verbs that paint images without modifiers
…Moved restlessly – fidgeted
…Walked slowly – strolled

- Adjective signals
…Brutal man – tyrant
…Hard rain – downpour

- Concrete nouns
…Tree – palm

- To-be forms are still/quiet
…punch the action

- Overwriting creates purple prose
…don't bore your reader with narrative that doesn’t move the story forward

- Use sensory details to stimulate and engage
…See, hear, taste, touch, smell

- Use eccentric word choice to intrigue/stimulate
…Avoided – shrank from
…Brazenly warm day
…Indifferent wind

Write every day!


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