Friday, April 30, 2010

Plot Prompts

I stole the following plot prompts from Elizabeth Sims, "How to Make Your Novel a Page Turner," (WD, January 2010). I have an expectation of gleaming over these from time to time to enlighten my writing. If you aren't familiar with Ms. Sims' article, I hope these cryptic notes can help you. Better yet, look the article up on WritersDigest.

Elizabeth based her "Heart-Clutching-Moments" on elements such as:
• Love at first sight
• Moral lapse
• Murder/death
• Refusal
• Nature gone wild
• Perseverance
• Change of heart
• Violence
• Betrayal
• Forgiveness
• Revelation
• Lifesaving
• Chase
• Battle
• Seduction
• Capter/con/sting

In the same article, Ms. Sims discussed making your characters stand out.
• Allowing the reader in their heads
• Giving your POVC a secret
• Entice with a quirk
• Unpredictability

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