Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mary Sue Stereotype

I feel vindicated, though disappointed. When a fellow critter claimed my character in Tail Kicker was a Mary Sue, I brushed it off. Hell, what's the point of writing escapist literature about a common individual in a common situation. But the criticism wore on me. I used the litmus test at

Guess what. My character scored a seven, which implies her personality needs to be bumped up. Not down. I'm not about to do the test on my five-thousand year-old vampire Renee. I'm pretty sure she'd max the thing out. But does that bother me? [Imagine unmanly giggle here] Hell no. I'm writing about an extraordinary person in an extraordinary situation, a giant who surrounds herself with the finest.

I'm going to guess anyone who picks up a vampire genre isn't too worried about an overexposed character. Maybe I'll give her vision that can see through buildings. She's already got some pretty superhuman strength. Hmmm. What else can I give her?

And I must say, Westley Crusher was one of my favorite characters.

Write every day!


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